GE Free Luddites give us a laugh (but not intentionally) by advising Fonterra not to kill babies

August 29, 2014
If grandma must suck eggs, she will be hard-pressed to find inorganic ones.

If grandma must suck eggs, where must she go to find inorganic ones?

What a glorious example of teaching your grandma to suck eggs.

They will be free-range, no doubt, and “organic” for good measure.

GE Free New Zealand, a bunch of latter-day Luddite agitators, has told Fonterra it must ensure food safety with its infant formula exports into China.

It must do what?

Ensure its infant formula doesn’t kill the customers?

Are they for real?

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When botching the cleaning job sparks a botulism scare … is the reaction really excessive?

August 7, 2013

Let’s see if Alf has a proper grasp on this one.

Somebody was sloppy in the pipe-cleaning department at a Fonterra processing plant in Waikato.

A whey product made at the plant and in turn used as an ingredient by many of Fonterra’s customers has been contaminated with something that can cause botulism.

The Centers for Disease Control in the USA describes botulism as a rare but sometimes fatal paralytic illness caused by a nerve toxin.

NZ’s Ministry for Primary Industries today said it still can’t rule out the possibility of babies being made ill by consuming contaminated infant formula.

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We can see why breast is best when warnings are being sounded about suspect whey

August 3, 2013

Dunno if anyone has drawn the connection between a quality fuss at Fonterra and campaigns to promote babes being nurtured by nuzzling their mums.

But it’s Breastfeeding Week, a time when the do-gooders are out beating their breasts – ahem – about mother’s milk being best for their sprogs.

And so help us, Fonterra has announced today that some of its products used in infant formula and sports drinks may contain a bacteria that causes botulism.

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