Judge Fred is the bloke to punish BP over the creation of an unwanted Black Sea

July 28, 2010

Alf won’t bother doing the maths – his mind is sharp but he does not want to blunt it by boggling over the profusion of zeros that is likely to come into the calculation.

Accordingly he will merely muse in a rhetorical way on what would happen if the penalty imposed by a court in Auckland was extended – on a per litre basis – to punish BP for lubricating the Gulf of Mexico.

And for creating another Black Sea (although the TV pix suggests maybe it is another Red Sea).

Alf’s musings were triggered by a report in the Herald saying:

Three companies found guilty of spilling 10,000 litres of petrol have been ordered to pay the heaviest fine imposed in a regional council case in Auckland.

Petrol Alley Services (GAS), URS New Zealand and Brown Bros (NZ) were found guilty in the Auckland District Court over a fuel leak from a petrol station in Line Rd, Glen Innes.

The companies have been ordered to pay a fine of $160,000, as well as court costs of $80,000.

The court has also demanded an investigation of the fuel which remained in the ground, and the companies could be forced to pay a further $200,000 for a clean-up.

But whereas this case involved thousands of litres, US Government estimates tell us more than five million barrels of oil have spilled into the Gulf of Mexico since BP’s undersea leak began in late April, and Alf reckons there are more than a few litres in each of those barrels.

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An ultimatum is sent to BP – but if it is ignored, what then and when will Orange Beach need renaming?

June 14, 2010

Is Alf missing an important bit of something in news of a long-overdue American ultimatum?

The bit that says “or else we will do something drastic?”

He has been reading a report in his Herald today from a place called Orange Beach, Alabama.

The report is accompanied by a picture showing crude oil from the spill washing ashore on the beach.

He imagines the good people of Orange Beach, Alabama, are very keen indeed to have the oil gush stopped before they have to renew it Black Beach, or some such.

They will be grateful to know, therefore, that the full muscle of the American Administration is being brought to bear on BP.
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How oil companies avoid getting into hot water – it’s a pity BP didn’t apply OSH rules to its Mexican Gulf activities

May 4, 2010

You would think BP was keen to burnish its public image, especially now that its oil is about to devastate the beaches, wetlands and what-have-you around the Gulf of Mexico.

But nah. The buggers have developed a thing about water and won’t check it for their customers.

As the Herald reports today, staff at a BP station up north refused to check the water level of a woman’s car in case they were burned.

Poor little diddums.

It’s got something to do with risk aversion, which has a profoundly hollow ring to it, when you see what’s going on in the Mexican Gulf.

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