Breastfeeding mum should have sent mall cleaner packing with just two words

July 3, 2014
It's no substitute for the real thing when a baby is hungry.

It’s no substitute for the real thing when a baby is hungry.

This isn’t news of the sort that will bring down a government.

But it does demonstrate that cleaners – one cleaner, anyway – should clean up their act and learn something about the Human Rights Act.

It furthers shows that a mother who was chided for breastfeeding her baby should learn the glorious art of giving out-of-order cleaners the brush off. This can be done with just two words.

The story that prompts these observations can be found today in the Waikato Times (on a light news day, obviously).

A woman breastfeeding her six-week-old daughter says she was made to feel ashamed of her actions after a cleaner at Hamilton’s Te Awa food court firmly told her to stop.

Mother of three Angula Manga has breastfed all her children but the incident at The Base shopping centre left her feeling embarrassed and self-conscious.

Management at the centre have acknowledged the incident and said it was the unauthorised action of an individual staff member.

So what’s going on here?

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