A bad news week for the HoS? Not when you can report your own good deeds…

April 8, 2012

Good grief – has it come to this?

The bloody hacks at the Herald on Sunday – apparently short of genuine news – went out on one of those environmental clean-up missions in which earnest citizens become engaged from time to time.

Actually, this one was a campaign that they initiated.

Then they turned their own good deeds into “news”.

They record their good citizenship this morning –

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Teens will be rushing our tea shops, if the truth gets out about what Banks and Key said

November 15, 2011

Forget about P, kids ... for a real buzz try this stuff.

Nothing was surer than that the ACT leadership would come into considerations, when he nation started speculating about what was recorded on the covert tape which has come under the cloud of a police investigation.

The Boss has done himself no favours, in Alf’s book, by whistling in the cops to look into the secret taping of his “cup of tea” meeting with ACT Epsom candidate John Banks.

It has merely amplified the speculation.

All sorts of stuff is flying around about how the conversation was recorded, and who has heard the conversation on the tape, and so on.

It seems 3 News is among those thought to have heard what was said, and we are supposed to have a whiff of what the conversation was about on the strength of a series of pointed questions it put to Banks about the future of Don Brash as ACT leader after the election.

According to a Stuff report –

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