Forget about racism for now – the Human Rights Commission is checking out the use of a vile word

March 25, 2011

Alf is grateful to the Busted Blond for introducing him to a new and very naughty word to be used on occasions when a gross insult is intended.

Alf imagines he will make great use of it, henceforth, because his current stock of insults has lost its sting from over-use.

The word is pokokohua.

BB says there’s a shortened version of the word – hua – which is used down south.

Its a well used southern curse of the vilest kind. Its a bit like saying motherf**king C**t – it invokes a sense of outraged gravitas that lends punch to a decent insult.

As a child we once got a smack for using it.

So how come BB is banging on about a very naughty word?

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Leniency extended to Busted Blonde

January 27, 2009

Alf’s attention is drawn to the likelihood that Busted Blonde made herself a candidate for the roundup of doomsayers with a very brief item on her blog yesterday.

She drew attention to an Agridata item headed “optimism gives way to uncertainty”, which says it is the speed with which unbridled optimism has turned to fear and warnings to curb spending that has surprised dairy farmers.

Alf is bothered by commentators who lower confidence levels with words like “fear”, which means the Agridata people probably will be rounded up for the tumbrel.

Busted Blonde showed distinct signs of pessimism by describing the Agridata item as a nice round-up of the changes in rural circumstances and saying “It does not make for good reading.”

But the picture on her blog suggests she’s a well-endowed lass, and her ample bosom would reduce the amount of room in the tumbrel for blokes like Richard Griffin.

She will be spared, this time.