Clark honours system going, going – gong

March 8, 2009

A great move by The Boss – he’s announced the titles of Dames and Knights are to be restored to the New Zealand honours system.

One of the first daft moves by the Clark Government back in 2000 was to drop titles from the top levels of the honours system – Knight and Dame Grand Companion (GNZM) and Knight and Dame Companion (KNZM/DNZM).

Alf was among those who suspected the decision was part of an insidious socialist plot to edge us towards republicanism, reinforced by the subsequent dumping of the Privy Council (it cost Kiwi taxpayers nothing to tap into the best legal brains in the Commonwealth) to set up a Supreme Court here (which costs us heaps).

He is chuffed to see BustedBlonde, at Roarprawn. supports the move back to Sirs and Dames. Could be something to chat about if ever she drops into the Eketahuna Club – he’ll nominate her for a top gong if she’ll nominate him.
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Name the whisperers

February 2, 2009

BustedBlonde has burst into life this morning with a flourish, posting items on provisional taxes, boy racers, muttonbirding and Fonterra.

Her Fonterra item is somewhat cryptic:

Well there are a few whispers around the traps about more bad news for the Milky Way of NZ.

Alf is on the warpath against the spreaders of bad news. Accordingly, he urges BB to name the whisperers. Then they can be rounded up and dealt to.

BB of good cheer

January 28, 2009

Alf takes umbrage at being described as a bloody old curmudgeon by BustedBlond (he won’t be old until he is 110, and he reserves the right to push that figure out a few years when he gets there).

He also is smarting at the low blow struck by BB, who – like most women – has no compunction about hitting below the belt.

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