Maori Party congratulates former co-leader – but she also is reminded she has retired from politics

January 2, 2015
Have they got one of these things for my mouth?

Have they got one of these things for my mouth?

A bit of political howz-yer-father within the Maori Party seems to have escaped the attention of the news media. This is not surprising, because the news media seem to be under instructions to ignore anything that happens unless it involves a road accident, a drowning, a mountain climb gone wrong, or some other form of tragedy.

Maori Party co-leaders, fair to say, joined others in congratulating Tariana Turia for the damehood thing that was bestowed upon her in the New Year Honours.

But they short-changed her in the whakapapa department by overlooking the papa side of her bloodline.

Hon Tariana Turia (Ngāti Apa, Ngā Wairiki, Ngā Rauru, Ngāti Tūwharetoa, Whanganui) will forever be remembered in our nation’s history as the founding co-leader of the Māori Party. The Māori Party is the only indigenous party to be elected to New Zealand’s Parliament and to operate as an independent voice both in parliament and government.

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Oh, no – British blokes are being put out to pasture as David Cameron opts to put gender before merit

July 17, 2014
Nice legs ... but better brains than the blokes booted out of the cabinet?

Nice legs … but better brains than each of the blokes booted out of the British Cabinet?

Alf is hoping The Boss is not seized by his Pommie counterpart’s pathetic impulse to kick experienced blokes out of his Cabinet to replace them with a bunch of sheilas.

The hard-working member for Eketahuna North confesses to his concerns being driven by self-interest. He still hankers for a place in the Key Cabinet. If The Boss takes a sudden snitch against mature male MPs…

Well, that would put the kibosh on Alf’s ministerial ambitions, obviously.

Cameron has run amok, by all accounts, replacing older male ministers with up-and-coming women.

He has had the gall to declare his new team reflects modern Britain.

Does this mean blokes in modern Britain should be put out to pasture when they reach a certain age?

It’s heartening to hear Cameron now faces a backlash from some of the Tory old guard who accuse him of culling middle-aged male ministers regardless of their merits.

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Any good reason for Kate to give up all her posts? Well – ahem – new blood would be welcome

November 6, 2012

Gotta say Kate Wilkinson has come out of the Pike River thing better off than before.

On Monday morning she could boast she was –

Minister of Conservation

Minister of Labour

Minister for Food Safety

Associate Minister of Immigration

By the end of the day she had only three of those portfolios, having resigned as Minister of Labour.

Some unreasonable tossers were demanding she give up all her jobs, but she was having none of it (as you can learn here).

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It’s a great-looking cabinet (notwithstanding its one glaring omission)

December 12, 2011

Yes, Alf has seen the list of who’s who in the new cabinet.

And yes, he knows the name of the long-serving and much-admired member for Eketahuna North is not there. Crowded out by the need to accommmodate MPs from other parties, no doubt, which makes Alf very hostile towards MMP as well as towards John Banks, Pita Sharples, Tariana Turia and the Tosser from Tawa.

Can a deeply wounded back-bencher demand a recount – or a judicial review or some such?

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Alf secretly hopes Italy’s new cabinet will fail – but it looks like their new PM is no fool Monti

November 17, 2011

The Italians are good at some things.

Making Ferraris, for example.

Making pasta, pizza and gelato, too, and – Mrs Grumble threw these in – making expensive clothes and brands, and gorgeous shoes.

Mind you, they are not so hot on construction. A tower they built in Pisa would not stand up to a building inspector’s demands, here in Eketahuna.

And while we are at it, let’s not get around to adopting their ideas on governance.

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Pansy comes up smelling (almost) like roses but there’s a whiff of something curious around Sammy

December 4, 2010

So did Sammy hook or slice to finish up in the rough?

Bugger. The report into former cabinet minister Pansy Wong’s use of her travel perks is bad news for Alf’s ministerial ambitions.

It has raised Pansy’s hopes of returning to Cabinet, and hence has generated a bit more competition for ministerial jobs.

“While it is my hope to return to Cabinet, I understand that it has to be earned, and my energy and focus now will be used to serve the people of Botany and promoting the interests of ethnic communities across our country. I am looking forward to returning to Parliament.”

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Great stuff for dim-wits – the so-called news from Parliament is that tax is on the Government agenda

January 19, 2010

Alf was jolted awake this morning by the babblings of a Radio New Zealand news reader.

This news reader earnesstly told the country:

Tax is back on the Government’s agenda for the start of 2010, with a tax working group due to issue its final report on Wednesday.

Back on the Government’s agenda?

When was it taken off the bloody agenda?

The issue was big deal when the government set up the working party in March last year and – Alf is assured when he raises the matter at caucus meetings – it remains big deal.

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