All Means All – and a hunger strike in jail should mean the pest is allowed to slowly waste away

June 28, 2014


And why – can someone explain – has All Means All been sent to hospital?

This irksome fellow with a very silly name has been banged up in Christchurch Men’s Prison and should be kept there.

But according to this report at Stuff, the plonker has been rushed to hospital again “as he continues his four-week hunger strike”.

All is serving a four-month sentence for repeatedly threatening to kill Prime Minister John Key in a series of letters.

The prison authorities should have left him in his cell to keep on doing what he wants to do, which is starve himself.


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Bias in favour of breasts is understandable, but not when it discriminates against the bottle

August 29, 2012

“Make mine a double.”

Dunno why a mum named Claire Sword should be grizzling to news media about being hard done by.

It seems to Alf she has been done a big favour. She has been given the opportunity to spurn hospital tucker.

But the media have gone for the discrimination angle.

The story (here) is about her being denied a free meal in hospital while she sat beside her infant son’s hospital bed.

Other mothers were given a free feed. But Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) rules denied her the same thing because they breast-fed their babies.

She bottle-fed her son.

How come the board’s bias against the bottle in favour of the breast?

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Forced to walk home at 2.30am? Not really – she could have waited for a bus

January 25, 2012

The hacks at Stuff are suckers for a good sob story.

But they have stretched the truth when telling us in a headline: Woman forced to walk home at 2.30

Good grief. An image was immediately conjured of jack-booted fiends coercing the woman to walk home at dead of night.

Heavily armed, perhaps.

The first paragraph laid it on even thicker – not only was the hapless woman coerced into making this walk, but – it seemed – she had been ill.

A Christchurch woman says she was forced to walk home at 2.30am after being discharged from Christchurch Hospital.

But no.

Read on and you find she chose to walk home.

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Let’s look at the bright side of earthquakes – such as the way they quickly sober up the boozers

November 1, 2010

Alf would like to ignore a study that draws a link between numbers of liquor outlets in an area and the susceptibility of nearby residents to alcohol problems.

Trouble is, it has armed the police with another pretext to call for a limit on the number of liquor outlets in an area.

Too much of that sort of thing – if applied to a community like Eketahuna – could be seriously damaging to Alf’s lifestyle if not health.

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