The silly story of two firms that are scrapping about who should pay a piddling (for them) parking fine

July 21, 2011

The corporate capers of some outfits can be bloody unconscionable sometimes.

And no, Alf is not referring to the antics within the Rupert Murdoch empire, although they serve as a splendid example.

He refers on this occasion to the case of a parking company which is demanding a couple pay for the time their stolen car spent in a parking space, arguing that the onus is on the insurance company to cover the fee.

Trouble is, the couple’s insurance company AMI Insurance has a mean streak, too, and can point to the fine print that says car policies do not provide cover for parking fines charged following the recovery of a stolen vehicle.

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The curious case of a bloke who was terrorised – but he didn’t take the obvious way out

March 31, 2011

If you intend to outrun the cops, you should steal a car that will do the job.

It must have been a toss-up for the judge: send a car thief to jail or have him committed to a loony bin.

The judge opted for a jail term (but not lengthy enough by several years to appease Alf).

Instead (according to the account of proceedings at Stuff ) –

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