Another story from Dr Paul’s casebook – the re-energising of Chris Auchenvole with a stent

April 11, 2012

Has Brigitte become much more wrinkled since then?

Your hard-working member has been forging a much closer friendship with the splendid Paul Hutcheson in recent days.

An element of self-interest comes into it (although Alf is not admitting to it). He had been told how Paul – bloody good bloke and a doctor – helped steer Chris Auchinvole to treatment for a dicky ticker.

Mind you, Alf could have diagnosed Chris’s problem too, if consulted, because Chris had been experiencing pain while walking up stairs.

No, not in the legs. In the chest.

That’s spells trouble of some sort and needs checking out.

Anyway, Chris mentioned the pains to Paul, and Paul gave him bloody good advice, and now Chris has had one of those stent things put in an artery.

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Bonn gives new meaning to “meter maids” with a simple system for taxing its strumpets

September 3, 2011

Manurewa MP George Hawkins – a bit of an old fusspot who won’t be missed by Alf after the election – put a parliamentary question to the chairperson of the Local Government and Environment Committee a few weeks ago about the Manukau City Council (Regulation of Prostitution in Specified Places) Bill.

This silly piece of legislation initially was aimed at ridding the streets of Manukau of harlots by banning prostitutes from some areas of south Auckland.

It was promoted by the former Manukau council to deal with problems with street workers, particularly in Papatoetoe.

If passed it would result in prostitutes being fined up to $2000 if they are caught soliciting in banned areas.

But the legislative process has been slowed by the creation of the super city of Auckland and Manukau’s absorption within it.

And now – the way Alf recalls things – it will give the Auckland Council the power to make similar by-laws throughout Auckland.

Anyway, George wanted to know when the bill will be reported back to the House, and Chris Auchinvole said it has a reporting back date of 8 September.

But before things are signed and sealed in this bill for controlling street-walkers, we should consider the merits of an idea being implemented in Bonn.

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Labour has a little list – and it looks like Little had plenty of say in its shaping

April 11, 2011

Alf has enjoyed listening to a couple of political commentators give Labour’s list a drubbing on Morning Report in the last few minutes.

One of them said said Labour is more interested in the gender, ethnicity and what have you of those they put on their list, rather than how good they are and what their political appeal might be.

Chris Trotter noted the lower place given to Stuart Nash (a bloke he said had appeal to small business people and provincial voters) than others with no such appeal.

They have lost sight that Labour was nearly wiped out in the provinces at the last election, he said.

On that score, of course, Alf is delighted with the list. May they forever be confined to the big cities with their silly ideas, he says. And may their grip on their urban strongholds be forever weakening.

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