Aussie flag polls unfurl some discomforting facts for foes of the Union Jack

February 8, 2010

An anti-Royalist tosser by name of Chris Ford, describing himself as a freelance writer and researcher based in Dunedin, should be hauled off to the Tower. But maybe he could plead he is mentally unfit to stand trial for lèse- majesté, sedition or some-such offence against the realm. That’s because he says on his blog he takes a left democratic socialist/social democratic perspective on the political issues of the day, and Alf reckons anybody who takes that position is intellectually enfeebled.

Today this Ford bugger is is championing the New Zealand Herald campaign for a new flag.

This was reinforced to me recently while crossing the Anzac Bridge in Sydney. Atop the bridge fly the two flags of the Anzac nations. Personally (along with most New Zealanders) I can distinguish our flag from the Australian ensign. However, to a foreign visitor who is not familiar with Australasia, it can be confusing to discern one flag from another.

Australia and New Zealand’s respective decisions to adopt the British Union Jack ensign design and the Southern Cross at dominionhood a century ago has created this confusion. Besides, the retention of the Union Jack in the top left hand corner of both flags has some visitors probably thinking that we are still distant colonies of the UK. Probably it has had to be pointed out to some visitors on occasion that we’re not.

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