Co-governance: the Kiwi way of doing things increasingly by halves

January 27, 2012

As was foreshadowed here before the election, the Crown has buckled to give Maori another 50:50 co-governance deal.

The Maori who have come out of the negotiations triumphant will be popping the champagne corks or their indigenous equivalent to rejoice.

The NZ Herald tells the story –

Far North iwi Te Aupouri will celebrate a major milestone tomorrow when it signs a two-part deal which gives it a hand in governing 90 Mile Beach.

Treaty Negotiations Minister Christopher Finlayson says he hopes it brings much-needed economic development to one of the most impoverished areas in the country, while a tribal negotiator said the iwi will work hard to move Te Aupouri to a brighter future.

If co-governance arrangements are the secret to boosting economic development, perhaps we should proliferate them around the country.

Come to think of it, bit by bit we are proliferating them around the country but it is being done somewhat insidiously and the Government does not brag too much about this path to brightening our future.

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A Christmas gift for iwi: Auckland Council comes up with another co-governance deal

December 24, 2011

But who owns it and how should it be managed?

Bit by bit, as Alf has observed before, the country is being subjected to so-called co-governance arrangements.

Under these 50:50 deals, Maori representatives (batting for around 15 per cent of the population) sit down at the co-governance table with representatives of public bodies which bat for all of us, including Maori.

As anyone who can do their sums can see, this makes it a thoroughly lop-sided arrangement from the point of view of ardent democrats.

But New Zealanders seem throroughly indifferent to the erosion of their democracy and dilution of their rights. Or maybe they are much too craven to resist, whenever the pressure for a new co-governance deal comes along, which is more and more often.

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Their curious ideas about Maori representation is another good reason to keep Greens on the sideline

June 7, 2011

Did Alf hear Metiria Turei blatting on about Maori being unrepresented on the new Environmental Protection Agency?

Maori fill only two of eight positions was her complaint (although earlier today Mrs Grumble couldn’t track down an internet reference to the remarks reported by Radio NZ).

The way we were taught to do our sums here in Eketahuna, that means 15% or so of the population is represented by 25% of the appointees. Not bad, eh?

By claiming this to be under-representation, Ms Turei reinforces Alf’s firm belief that Greens are unfit to hold any office that would require them to make economic decisions.

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