Has Phil Goff taken to the bottle? And poured its contents over his head?

January 26, 2011

If Phil Goff could look like this, Mrs Grumble would vote Labour.

Dunno which of Labour’s image-polishers got at Goff over the holidays, but somehow the bugger has come back with his hair a shade darker.

At least, that’s what the parliamentary hacks are braying, and they have an eye for this sort of thing, mainly because it is a helluva lot easier to be expert in the modifying of a bloke’s image than to analyse his policies and their economic ramifications.

Presumably a darkening of Goff’s bonce is intended to make him more attractive to voters and give him a lift up the opinion polls from a position perturbingly close (from a Labour point of view) to their base.

But Mrs Grumble, who is Alf’s authority in these matters, says she thinks women would much prefer the pepper-and-salt look of someone like George Clooney.

In fact if Phil Goff were to look like George, she would vote Labour, she says. If he were to look like Sean Connery, she would do the same.

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