Bring it on – a harder ACC regime

October 18, 2009

It’s hardly a secret when a hack in the Parliamentary Press gallery can share it with us. But the Sunday Times Star gurgles today about a Secret ACC plan to charge all victims $100.

The Sunday Star-Times has obtained a shopping list of Accident Compensation Corporation proposals to pare back compensation entitlements as it deals with a $4.8 billion blowout.

The list justifies the worst fears of compensation recipients, particularly those who have been on the scheme long-term. While ACC Minister Nick Smith insists that the government will never dismantle the no-fault public-owned insurance scheme, the proposals obtained by the Star-Times suggest otherwise.

Among the proposals on the list –
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Barnacle Bennett sticks to saying bugger all

April 1, 2009

Hats off to David Bennett, chairman of the Transport and Industrial Relations Committee. He has again resisted Opposition attempts to winkle out the information they seek about ACC Minister Nick Smith’s surprise appearance at a recent hearing on the ACC’s financial performance.

Reminds Alf more than somewhat of that Indian batsman whose marathon innings deprived the Black Caps of a victory in the second test.

Or – going back many years – a bit like England’s Barnacle Bailey, who could be bloody hard to dislodge when the captain called for the shutters go go up.
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Why would Nick give up three jobs?

April 1, 2009

The numb-brains on the Labour side of the House persist with the canard that the ACC is being prepared for privatising.

Those claims have been revived by Nick Smith’s dumping several directors and replacing them with a new bunch (just as he said he would do).

The smart way to prepare the board for privatising – if that was the Nat agenda, which it isn’t – would be to stack it with Labourites and trade unionists, not clever business people.

Within months – maybe weeks – the public would be feeling the pinch from rising levies and a run-down service.

They would be so pissed off with the consequences they would demand a better deal.
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