If Mallard disagrees with Cullen’s adviser on compulsion, then let’s listen to the adviser

June 24, 2010

Mallard reckons you'll thank us for this when you retire.

Alf is always attracted to a proposition with which Trevor Mallard disagrees.

Obviously, such a proposition must have a lot going for it, and furthermore there are many such propositions that have a lot going for them, because this Mallard bloke happens to be a disagreeing sort of character. Disagreeable, too.

This explains why Alf tapped eagerly on to an item posted by Mallard on Red Alert this morning, to find out with what he is disagreeing today and then going out to promote it as an idea with the Mallard seal of disapproval, which naturally makes it highly attractive to right-thinking citizens.

Lo and behold, today it relates to savings and whether they should be compulsory.

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