We Nats should drink to Labour having confidence in David Shearer for many more years

February 4, 2013
They don't have a prayer, even if they did gather here...

They don’t have a prayer, even if they did gather here…

...rather than fortify their spirits here.

…rather than fortify their spirits here.

We’ll be sinking a few celebratory drinks in the Eketahuna Club tonight.

This follows the confidence vote by Labour’s MPs to endorse the leadership of David Shearer.

Just how much confidence was represented by the vote is a bit of a mystery, because according to the account which reached Alf at his electorate office (see here), Labour will not release the results.

But we do know that –

Under new party rules, the leader must get at least 60 percent of support from caucus or it triggers a contest on which the party’s membership and affiliates can vote.

We are further told that –

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Of bank checks and dipsticks

February 3, 2009

The most extraordinary thing about a Dom-Post report headed PM runs bank ‘health check’ is that the writer found anything remarkable in the PM checking the health of the banks.

Press Gallery scribe Vernon Small almost breathlessly says

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Bishop’s Slough of Despond

January 30, 2009

Alf has gone back to Radio New Zealand National’s infamous bunch of prattlers, The Panel, to pluck out another gloomy-guts to be punished for spreading blarney about our economic outlook.

Are they staffed with subversives at Radio NZ, nowadays, he wonders – broadcasters on the lookout for economic pessimists with the gift of the gab to spread their dyspepsia?

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Alf declares war on sad-sacks

January 24, 2009

Alf is taking action as a follow-up to his item about the gloomy economists, journalists and commentators who spread their insidious pessimism through the economy and infect our growth prospects.

Today he has declared war on doomsayers and gloom-spreaders and is naming the first candidates to be put in a tumbrel, Read the rest of this entry »