The undermining of confidence – or why Radio NZ should try poking around in chicken guts

January 25, 2010

The buggers who produce the business bulletin for Radio NZ’s “Morning Report” had good news for us about employment growth when they kicked off their new year.

Then they found some stuff published by the Institute of Economic Research last year and fed that to their listening audience as if to say the more cheery expectation should be ignored.

The outrage is that Radio NZ cherry-picked their data and by-passed the optimistic stuff tucked away in the tables in the NZIER report.

Alf, who believes pessimistic economic news undermines business confidence and exacerbates recessions and slowdowns, was dismayed.

Did the wankers at Radio NZ have a bad Christmas holiday or something?

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Let’s sing the bull song – or the bear one

April 6, 2009

Not for the first time, the news media are fascinated at finding The Boss is comparatively bullish about economic prospects over the next year or so, whereas Deputy Bill is more chary and hence bearish.

Alf suspects the media hacks spend their time scouring political statements for disparities. This is not as demanding as getting off your arse and finding real news.

And not as easy as finding someone – if there is such a creature – who can predict with authority our economic future.
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