Shark-cage operators put the bite on Govt about safety – but is competition their real worry?

December 28, 2011

Code or no code, Alf prefers to get his kicks elsewhere.

Dunno why southern shark tourism operators are making such a fuss about cowboy operators.

They are expressing concerns that the unregulated industry could lead to cowboy operators coming to the Foveaux area.

And these cowboys – they reckon – will put peoples’ lives in danger because they do not know what they are doing.

The reality, Alf suspects, could be that the incumbent operators are pissed off at the prospect of competition and want the industry regulated to make it easier for themselves to make a buck.

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The complications of modern-day dam building – money must be put aside for measuring the mauri

April 13, 2010

Deep and meaningful negotiations are under way on the inevitable cultural impacts.

Just because it’s legal does not make it right.

Alf was never happy about legalising prostitution in this country, for example. Or permitting civil unions. Or letting teenagers into pubs.

Hence he is not impressed by the defence being advanced by the iwi that was given money by Meridian Energy, apparently to reverse its opposition to a West Coast hydro dam.

The iwi is saying the payment was a “legitimate” part of the resource consent process.

Of course it is. Perfectly legal.

It raises lots of questions in Alf’s mind, nevertheless.

The story is told at Stuff today –

Meridian last week revealed it had paid an unspecified sum to Te Runanga o Ngati Waewae for work it had done to assess the cultural impact of the company’s proposed Mokihinui River hydro project.
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Yep, we should all have a customary right to take something and iwi can have Taupo’s trout

April 10, 2010

Stuff the trout...let's claim rights to the whisky.

Alf has a modicum of sympathy for the prominent Maori leader caught netting trout at Lake Taupo, who says local iwi should be able take fish as a right.

He reckons we should draw up lists of things we can all take as of right. A customary right.

Iwi can have trout. Alf doesn’t much fancy trout. Too many small bones.

People with Scottish whakapapa should be able to lay claim to whisky.

Yep. If they spot it in a bar or a liquor store, they need just pop in, grab the whisky and take it home.

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Now the Greens are grouching at an MP just for doing his duty and helping a citizen

December 3, 2009

Alf is bewildered this morning by news that –

Associate Local Government Minister John Carter is denying doing favours for a constituent after claims a clause was secretly inserted in legislation allowing a Northland man to build a boat ramp on public land.

A clause secretly inserted?

What chance would you have of sneaking a “secret clause” past 120 or so eagle-eyed Parliamentarians?

On second thoughts, forget that question. Let’s take a different tack.

Why would an MP want to deny trying to do a favour for a constituent?

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