The Boss has gone too far in rating Catton with McCaw and The Mad Butcher as a political pundit

February 2, 2015
A luminary whose opinions should be given lots of weight.

A luminary whose opinions should be given lots of weight.

It looks like The Boss has had an unfortunate rush of blood to the head.

He has been advising the public to give Eleanor Catton’s criticisms of his government no more credence than those of The Mad Butcher or Richie McCaw.

Alf regards this as very bad advice.

He happens to have a very high regard for the views of the Mad Butcher and Richie McCaw on any topic you might care to discuss.

The Boss should have said the views of Eleanor Catton should be given no more credence than the views of contributors to The Standard, the Daily Blog, and/or several other left-leaning blogs Alf could nominate.

He can understand why we MPs with a lean to the right have hastened to heap scorn upon the remarks uttered by Catton, author of The Luminaries and winner of the Man Booker Prize, at the Jaipur Literary Festival in India.

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If a bloke can’t smoke a fag any more, will he be able to set light to a few faggots?

April 27, 2011

Yes, it's a fag - and he has the butt end near his mouth.

Back in 1988, Mark Todd featured in Sports Illustrated after winning his gold medal on Charisma at the Seoul Olympics.

At that time it was the horse’s age – not Todd’s – that drew comment.

Charisma was as old as any horse at Seoul, and surely the smallest. At the team awards ceremony, he really did look like a pony standing beside 11 real horses, and the scene was all the more bizarre when the riders dismounted and the tiny horse’s man stood head and shoulders above the other 11 riders.

But the star of the item was Todd, then aged 32, who was raised on a farm and had been riding since he was seven.

He has wavy brown hair that shines copper in the sun when he doffs his helmet.

He smokes Silk Cut cigarettes, and so there is a timeless quality to him as he stands there in his classic riding costume, razor thin, handsome and elegant—the way all people in cigarette advertisements, going to the hounds, used to look

That’s Alf’s memory of him in those days, too.

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