Enough to drive one to drink: a tedious tale of unthinking Vinks being undone by a next-door fink

January 10, 2010

Can a Vink think?

And can a Vink think not to holiday next door to a prying fink?

Ah, but maybe there’s a better question: can a Vink learn from experience?

It would depend which Vink we are talking about, obviously, but in the case of a family of Vinks who have been holidaying in the Coromandel, the answer can only be that they aren’t the sharpest of thinkers and are ponderously slow learners.

Their trivial tale has been turned into the stuff of great grievance by the SoH today under the heading Holiday ruined by spying neighbours

In short, the Vinks were dobbed in by a neighbour for breaching the terms of the holiday lease deal they had struck. Not once – they were warned a first time – but twice.

Oh dear, what a shame…never mind.

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Anger in Paradise – or the delicious humbug of an icecream stall raising the heat in Hahei

December 29, 2009

Alf is delighted this morning to find humbug alive and thriving in the Coromandel.

It was a gorgeous place, once, until the holiday-makers and property developers moved in and many of the most beautiful beaches quickly were converted into something resembling Auckland suburbia.

Now – the NZ Herald is telling us today – the buggers who live in the houses that have spoiled the Coromandel are complaining about a bloody icecream stall.

The hypocrisy is delicious.

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