The growing list of coroners’ concerns now extends to the hiring of nail guns

August 1, 2012

It’s a bit bemusing to hear Courts Minister Chester Borrows say the coronial system is working well but he has ordered a review, regardless.

The Ministry of Justice will lead the review and Mr Borrows wants public input as well.

He can expect a submission from yours truly.

As Alf understands it from a TV3 news item (here), he’s concerned about the system’s impact on grieving families.

“I’m keen to look at how we can improve the timeliness and efficiency of the coronial process to reduce the impact on those families,” he said today.

But Borrows also wants to consider whether agencies should have to make formal responses when coroners make recommendations on ways to prevent future deaths.

The best response anyone can make in some cases is to take the recommendations and ram them through a shredder.

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It’s heart-breaking, when infants drown – and an awful reminder of parental responsibility

November 2, 2011

The question of parental responsibility for keeping their children safe didn’t get a mention in media coverage of a coroner’s report the other day.

But, in a separate case, it has been headlined in reports in newspapers today .

Alf is tempted to wonder, accordingly, about why the emphasis differed in the two unfortunate infant deaths.

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If it’s a good idea for more people to be obliged to belt up, let’s start with coroners

January 12, 2011

Belting up would be an impediment.

Alf is fast coming to the conclusion that coroners should make findings about how people died in the cases referred to them – full stop.

But please spare us the recommendations.

Authorities elsewhere can study a coroner’s report and draw their own conclusions about what lessons are to be learned from a sudden death.

But coroners – it seems – are attention-seekers.

They like to pepper their reports with advice and recommendations on how deaths could be avoided, and to give officials somewhere a kick up the arse for not having done this.

It’s sure to attract the attention of the media and their headline writers.

But some of that advice looks downright dodgy to Alf.

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Forget about safety helmets – let’s get back to the days of red warning flags

January 29, 2010

Safety kit for many lives would be saved if we had to put gear like this on before strolling down to the pub?

Alf despairs at the persistent attempts to pamper us, cosset us and turn us into a nation of wimps.

Today his list of mollycoddlers is enlarged by the addition of those who demand helmets be made compulsory for board riders after a Marlborough bloke was killed in a motorised-skateboard accident.

Tom Lawrence Kenny, 41, of Havelock, near Blenheim, died about 8pm on Wednesday after he lost control of an electric skateboard and fell, hitting his head on a concrete driveway.

He is the second Kiwi in two years to die after falling from a motorised skateboard. At least five people on non-motorised skateboards died between 1999 and 2008.

Shriek. Two deaths in two years.

A bloody epidemic.

Well, it is in some lunatic quarters.

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