Media in a muddle about medals and the reason why Willie Apiata won’t front up for NZ Post

April 1, 2011

Being posted is one thing...

The media have got it wrong again.

They are banging on today about a new stamp issue honouring New Zealand’s 22 Victoria Cross holders.

And yes, the stamps are to be issued – by all accounts – without the country’s best-known living war hero.

Accoding to the Herald –

NZ Post will launch the Victoria Cross – the New Zealand Story, a series of 22, 60c stamps, on April 14.

Every VC winner from Captain Charles Heaphy, who fought in the New Zealand Wars, to Sergeant James Allen Ward, who fought in World War II, will be pictured.

But Corporal Willie Apiata will be represented on his stamp by his medal.

How come?

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Strong action is needed to deal with the Mt Eden larrakins – but should it be Willie or Wolfgang?

November 8, 2010

Is it a job for Corporal Willie Apiata and his mates - or this bloke?

Sending in the SAS is one way of restoring law and order at Eden Park. Alf prefers another option – sending in Mozart.

He was disappointed to hear of the need to beef up security and police presence at the park to prevent a recurrence of the weekend mayhem created by drunken louts. But he was by no means surprised.

He regards Auckland as an uncivilised city and Aucklanders as an uncouth bunch (with some admirable exceptions), an opinion reinforced by their choice of a mayor for their Super City.

What happened at the weekend accordingly should have been foreseen, but the Herald reports –

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