Up and at ’em – but let’s make sure this sovereignty stuff doesn’t rule out defending ourselves

February 13, 2015
With a bit of luck, our navigator got it wrong and this is a beach in Miami.

With a bit of luck, our navigator got it wrong and this is a beach in Miami.

It looks like it’s all on for Kiwi troops to be despatched to Iraq.

Iraq’s Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Ja’afari today met a heavyweight bunch of Alf’s colleagues, The Boss,  Murray McCully and Gerry Brownlee.

There was a request for us to help his beleaguered country and as Radio NZ said:  

The request for support takes New Zealand one step closer to a decision on deploying troops to help train Iraqi forces, with back-up from special forces.

The Government has repeatedly ruled out the troops having any combat role.

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Corruption study shows how bigger pay packets make us more virtuous

January 19, 2012

Alf was laughed out of The Boss’s Beehive office a year or so ago, when he pitched a case for doubling politicians’ pay based on an example set in Ghana.

In that country, lawmakers had doubled their own pay, arguing that if they were going to fight the temptation for corruption, they needed much fatter pay packets.

The monthly salary of about $US4,500 a month they awarded themselves then was about three times what the average Ghanaian earned in a year.

Alf will resurrect his push for a substantial pay rise on the strength of research findings mentioned in a press release from Victoria University.

Alas, these research findings have come too late for Singaporean politicians. They have just voted to give themselves hefty pay cuts.

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They are masters of corruption in Kabul – so what will Chris Carter be doing to clean things up?

September 1, 2011

It’s a bloody shame Radio NZ did not take the opportunity to subject Chris Carter to a proper interview this morning.

The bugger who questioned him was much too preoccupied with reminding us of Carter’s past, such as his use of taxpayer-provided perks.

But Carter is being despatched to help clean up the corruption in a country where they take their corruption seriously and are masters at it.

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