When it comes to relevance, Peters does for politics what pigeons do for the post

July 31, 2011

After the secrets have been
delivered, you can eat the messenger - but what can be done with Peters?

Alf is confident that none of his party colleagues would ever suspect him of leaking party polling data to Winston Peters.

But just in case – the answer is no, he has not been leaking data and he steers well clear of Peters.

Moreover, he advises his constituents not to bother looking at other Nats for the culprit. Maybe there isn’t one.

He draws attention to Peters’ track record in the credibility department.

More particularly, he draws attention to a post at Kiwiblog which effectively deals with Peters’ pledge that his party will follow the rules on disclosing political donations.

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Clark, the UN and a credibility conundrum

March 27, 2009

Helen Clark’s credibility is a magical thing, we have learned in recent weeks.

It’s one thing at home; it’s another overseas.

Or maybe it was one thing during an election campaign, and it became something else when she came out the loser.

Alf makes these observations after Clark was officially nominated to become head of the United Nations’ Development Programme.
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