A Clayton’s cab – but did he have enough pull to get a fare deal?

June 12, 2010

Alf has never been an admirer of Clayton Cosgrove, Labour’s law and order spokesman, who held a number of Ministerial portfolios in the Clark government.

But he feels duty-bound, in the name of fair play, to come to Cosgorove’s defence over the matter of a taxi fare charged to taxpayers on a ministerial credit card.

The political hacks at Stuff have been sifting through boxes of material released by Internal Affairs this week and found Cosgrove and a staffer in March 2008 racked up a $950 bill for two nights accommodation including one at the Hilton Adelaide.

Dunno of Alf is too astonished by that.

There are other fascinating tidbits of information about Cosgrove’s spending.

The item that attracted Alf was the $712 cost of a taxi in Canada, apparently for a five-hour trip.

There is a clear implication Cosgrove was travelling in luxury.

Not so. Alf has done some research on the matter and tracked down the cab and its driver.

The driver reckons Cosgrove got a good deal.

Alf isn’t so so sure and wonders if he was ripped off.

Or maybe he gave the cabbie an outrageously generous tip, as socialists are apt to do.