It’s not too late to find a Minister who won’t buckle on foreshore and seabed demands

April 11, 2010

How about this spot for a hotel, bro?

An Attorney-General and Treaty Negotiations Minister with more backbone is desperately needed. A bloke like Alf.

Fair to say, Alf did volunteer his services to The Boss before the Cabinet was selected after the last election. John Key said the job required a greater knowledge of legal stuff than Alf’s regular viewing a few years back of Rumpole and, more recently, Boston Legal.

Chris Finlayson was his choice.

A dubious one, as things are turning out.

Alf observes that the Government’s proposals to replace the Foreshore and Seabed Act ran into opposition at the very first meeting on the issue.

Mr Finlayson was attending a hui in Picton, the first of 22 meetings to be held throughout the country.

Maori attending the hui at Waikawa Marae raised concerns about having to prove customary rights in the Government’s preferred option.

It seems several iwi representatives said that they should not have to prove their rights and that customary rights should be restored to what they were before the legislation was changed.

So what’s the next thing we learn?

Fasten your seat belts, folks.

TV3 told us last night –

The Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson has made some major concessions tonight on the Government’s proposals on the foreshore and seabed.

One bloody meeting so far with a few stroppy Maori, a few objections raised, and Finlayson is making bloody concessions?

What sort of shape will we be in at the end of the consultation process?

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Yep, we should all have a customary right to take something and iwi can have Taupo’s trout

April 10, 2010

Stuff the trout...let's claim rights to the whisky.

Alf has a modicum of sympathy for the prominent Maori leader caught netting trout at Lake Taupo, who says local iwi should be able take fish as a right.

He reckons we should draw up lists of things we can all take as of right. A customary right.

Iwi can have trout. Alf doesn’t much fancy trout. Too many small bones.

People with Scottish whakapapa should be able to lay claim to whisky.

Yep. If they spot it in a bar or a liquor store, they need just pop in, grab the whisky and take it home.

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It’s no big deal when there’s no beach

March 5, 2009

The missus is chiding Alf for failing to record the Government’s decision to review the Foreshore and Seabed legislation – the stuff that got people hot and bothered a few years back when the Clark Government passed it into law.

A slip-up?

Not necessarily. Alf can’t imagine Eketahuna folk being at all interested, since we have no foreshores or seabeds in our immediate vicinity.

But if constituents are bursting to read all about it, the terms of reference and members of the Government’s ministerial panel to review the Foreshore and Seabed Act were announced yesterday by Attorney-General Christopher Finlayson.

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