Biddy is back with glad tidings – her cheese-making business has overcome all MPI’s obstacles

July 12, 2013
Biddy Fraser-Davies

Biddy Fraser-Davies

We bring you good news today from one of Alf’s favourite people, although she lives outside his electorate boundaries down the road a bit from here and doesn’t necessarily vote for John Hayes in Wairarapa.

The lovely lady he speaks about is Biddy, the Eketahuna cheese-maker who a year or so ago featured in this blog after falling foul of the bloody bureaucrats in the food safety business.

The absurd story about her encounter with silly rules was told first by Farmers Weekly and was picked up by the Sunday Star-Times. Both pages, alas, are no longer available to on-line searchers.

As Alf reported here at that time, the buggers shut down her cheese-making business after it was featured on the TV series Country Calendar.

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Cadbury must comply with silly rules – and so does an Eketahuna cheese-maker

September 30, 2010

One of Alf’s favourite people is unlikely to be mollified by news that bureaucrats have obliged Cadbury to change its chocolate labels in Europe.

In other words, the buggers make it hard to earn a buck regardless of your size and in which country you are operating.

European Union rules have forced the chocolate-maker to remove its “glass and a half” description from the back of Dairy Milk wrappers.

Each bar of Dairy Milk now advises consumers: “The equivalent of 426 ml of fresh liquid milk in every 227g of milk chocolate.”

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