Let’s hear it for Damien: the National Party coffers have done nicely from his giving officials the fingers

May 3, 2014

It’s not often Alf feels the urge to acclaim the decisions of Labour politicians.

He is happy to make an exception in the case of one decision made by West Coast-Tasman MP Damien O’Connor, the Immigration Minister who over-rode the advice of his officials to allow Chinese businessman Donghua Liu into New Zealand.

Firstly, Liu’s subsequent brush with the law triggered events that led to Maurice Williamson’s forced resignation in recent days after it emerged he called high-level police officers about an investigation into Liu.

This is bad news for Maurice, who happens to be one of Alf’s mates.

But – ahem, let’s confess to a bit of self-interest here – his resignation has created a ministerial vacancy.

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Has Damien made a blue by going out to bat for the promotion of these pink products?

August 16, 2012

Looks like Damien O’Connor’s political instincts have been blunted.

Labour’s Primary Industries spokesperson has come out today in support of a rural breast cancer fundraiser.

So far, so good.

But he has been galvanised to lend his support to the campaign after learning that older farmers are loath to be associated with the colour pink.

Damned right, they are.

Take a butchers at the promotion picture above.

Can you spot anything there that a red-blooded Kiwi cockie would be proud to show off to neighbours?

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Food safety legislation: novice Greenie MP plays to the Ooooby and Wwoofer gallery

January 5, 2012

What price should we pay to ensure it doesn't poison us?

Alf perhaps wasn’t paying attention, when the Food Bill was introduced into Parliament.

He certainly didn’t spot the shortcomings in the legislation now being highlighted by egregious greenies and Labourites.

But he is aware that our splendid Government has given assurances that the bill won’t affect good honest Kiwis who grow their own food and swap it with friends and neighbours.

Those assurances should put an end to the matter.

But he reads that

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Talking about sycophants (as Daffy Darien was doing last week) who is sucking up to whom here?

October 5, 2011

And who is the mystery man?

No, the unnamed gent pictured with The Mad Butcher in the Herald today is not Alf Grumble.

Yes, there is a resemblance. A slight one.

But Alf is a tad more hirsute – about two follicles more hirsute.

And Alf’s nose is more purplish.

Something to do with his drinking habits, his doctor insists.

Oh, and the clincher is that Alf would never be found with an arm around Phil Goff or Trevor Mallard.

The unnamed bloke in the picture – who shows no shame in his relationship with those two losers – can only be a Labour voter.

Whether the picture has been published on the West Coast, and whether therefore it might help Damien O’Connor’s prospects at the general election, remains to be seen.

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Here’s hoping the West Coast stays blue and the locals retain a ruddy hue in their necks

April 12, 2011

But they don't serve lattes there, do they?

Alf is astonished to learn – and is disappointed, too – that a gay greenie from the West Coast reckons the place should no longer be regarded as a place where the blokes are real blokes.

The gay greenie in question is Kevin Hague, one of their List MPs, and he is saying he is “sick and tired” of the region’s residents being portrayed as rednecks.

This was triggered by Labour List MP Damien O’Connor’s red-blooded denunciation of the party’s list selection process, which he colourfully said was run by “self-serving unionists and a gaggle of gays”.

Labour leader Phil Goff demanded an apology from O’Connor. But he had enough political nous to say O’Connor’s comments could be viewed positively by West Coasters.

They are certainty being viewed positively by Alf’s mates in Eketahuna, although it’s fair to say they have the great good sense never to vote for Labour.

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Labour has a little list – and it looks like Little had plenty of say in its shaping

April 11, 2011

Alf has enjoyed listening to a couple of political commentators give Labour’s list a drubbing on Morning Report in the last few minutes.

One of them said said Labour is more interested in the gender, ethnicity and what have you of those they put on their list, rather than how good they are and what their political appeal might be.

Chris Trotter noted the lower place given to Stuart Nash (a bloke he said had appeal to small business people and provincial voters) than others with no such appeal.

They have lost sight that Labour was nearly wiped out in the provinces at the last election, he said.

On that score, of course, Alf is delighted with the list. May they forever be confined to the big cities with their silly ideas, he says. And may their grip on their urban strongholds be forever weakening.

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