It’ s just as well Kevin Rudd is a good diplomat and won’t give advice to Goff on how to handle the reds

March 27, 2011

So if Phil can't get any advice from Kevin Rudd, maybe he should consult this bloke.

A bizarre Radio NZ item news item jolted Alf from his sleep.

The nub of it was that former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd was saying he has no leadership advice for Phil Goff.

It went on to report what already was well known – that questions are being raised about the Labour leader’s future because of his handling of the media ruckus over a police investigation involving former list MP Darren Hughes, who resigned on Friday.

If any of Alf’s constituents give a toss about Goff and his possible fate at the hands of his power-hungry caucus colleagues, they can look here and here.

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Hughes is news and the Herald’s hounds seems hellbent on keeping him in the headlines

March 23, 2011

As a highly principled politician, Alf publicly champions decency, democracy, fair trials and the admirable notion that we are all innocent until proven guilty.

He firmly believes the well of justice will be poisoned by the pre-trial publicity that too often can be given to a case by circulation-hungry newspapers and ratings-obsessed broadcast media.

He accordingly condemns news media that feed off the plight of well known public figures who find themselves the subjects of police investigations. Leave it alone (he urges) until the police have done their thing and brought the suspect to court, where all the relevant facts are publicly aired before a judge and/or jury.

He is dismayed, therefore, that the NZ Herald has gone fishing for more information (or, more likely, is hoping to dig up more dirt) after Labour’s Darren Hughes confirmed he is the MP at the centre of allegations about a police investigation relating to a late-night incident.

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You only need pollsters when you’ve lost your grip

November 3, 2009

Must have a quiet word with Internal Affairs Minister Nathan Guy. The poor bugger should be getting out and about in his electorate much more – notwithstanding his ministerial workload – instead of paying bloody pollsters to find what people think of him.

Alf has no need for pollsters. He is in close touch with his constituents, and hence knows that the vast bulk of them regard him as hard-working and (for his age) good looking. That’s why electoral support for him is greater than Winston Peters’ ego.

Nathan, alas, doesn’t seem to know how he rates among his constituents.

And so he has organised a telephone poll to gauge Kapiti residents’ preferred expressway option – a highly contentious issue in that neck of the woods – as well as his own popularity.

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Prison is on the cards, but without perks

August 7, 2009

Commendable work by Mr Speaker.

As Alf learned from colleagues yesterday, reaffirmed by the NZ Herald today, Lockwood Smith is moving “relatively quickly” to cancel the generous private international travel perks for former Labour MP Taito Phillip Field because of his conviction for bribery and corruption.

But what about the malefactor’s missus?

Whether Field’s wife will keep her perks is not certain.

Maxine Field is entitled to the same rebate as her husband – 90 per cent off any international up to about $10,000 a year, as well as 12 domestic return flights.
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Keep your eyes on the motorway, Melissa

May 12, 2009

There are bigger issues at stake in Mt Albert – motorway developments, for example – than the ill-considered remarks of the pharmacist who told Melissa Lee he wouldn’t vote for her because he “didn’t think we need Asians in Parliament”.

Actually, there’s not much anyone can do about the opinions that people harbour.

One of Alf’s constituents wouldn’t vote for him because “we don’t need geriatrics in Parliament”, then moved to Sydenham and voted for Jim Anderton. It takes all sorts in a democracy.

Anyway, after raising a ruckus, the pharmacist has been gracious enough to apologise.
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On yer bike, Darren

January 6, 2009

Good grief – where’s Darren Hughes been? Trying to have a bloody good time on holiday somewhere while desperately trying to constrain his carbon footprint, which is no fun at all, I suspect. Read the rest of this entry »