Health and safety despots scuttle Xmas lolly scrambles but the UK gives OK to Fruitizz

September 13, 2012

While Britain’s food Nazis have suffered a setback, the safety despots in this country have taken a bit more of the fun out of Christmas.

Brandishing their absurd health and safety rule books, the tossers have scuttled an Auckland tradition of throwing lollies and squirting water at the crowd during Christmas parades.

The Herald tells us of their tyrannical nonsense here.

People entering floats in this year’s Orewa New World Santa Parade have been warned by the parade organisers that wrapped sweets must not be thrown from floats or thrown into the spectator crowd by clowns and others walking alongside.

There will also be a ban on water pistols and water bombs and missiles being used on floats or by walkers.

The story says the Kumeu Rotary Santa Parade has $1200 of lollies to hand out during its December 7 event.

Hand out is the operative word here.

Good old-fashioned lolly scrambles have been banned by Auckland Council’s grinches.

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