Germaine Greer hits a discordant note on the matter of Sir Elton’s fatherhood – or is he a mother?

May 25, 2015
"Today it's my turn to be Dad."

“Today it’s my turn to be Dad.”

Bugger me, Alf muttered as he found himself in total agreement with (a) an Australian and (b) a celebrated feminist.

Yep. He’s in tune with the thinking of Germaine Greer, at least on the matter of Sir Elton John and his domestic arrangements.

Sir Elton is married, of course, but does not have a wife.

Nope. He has a husband, a bloke by name of David Furnish.

But Furnish – it seems – is named as ‘mother’ on the birth certificates of their two sons.

Don’t ask how the pair managed to produce two sons. According to what Alf remembers of his biology class many years ago, two blokes should not be able to spawn two sons, or children of any gender, but the science on this matter may well have moved on since then.

Something or someone called a surrogate mother is said to play a role in human reproduction nowadays, but he can’t find Surrogate on a map.

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