The trouble with being rid of Rodney is the prospect of being held hostage by Hone

September 20, 2010

Is anyone pissed off with my leadership down there?

Thanks to the antics of the ACT Party, Alf could not tuck into his breakfast this morning. He was deeply troubled.

More particularly, Alf lost interest in his breakfast thanks to the highlighting of a political consequence if the ACT Party was holding too few seats in Parliament

His appetite for bacon and eggs with a few slices of black pudding and fried bread was thoroughly ruined by Claire Trevett, writing in the Dom-Post about Rodney Hide and the political support he believes he still commands.

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Pork industry tackles swine flu fears

April 27, 2009

Hard on the heels of being reminded how bug-laden pork laid low some 63 guests on an Auckland marae with gastro-enteritis in 1997, Alf is being assured by the pork industry about the safety of their product.

But the assurance had nothing to do with hangis or kai or marae cooking practices.

NZPork is eager (understandably) to dispel concerns raised by the heavy media attention being paid to the new strain of H1N1 influenza virus, called swine flu

This afternoon it has declared it is carefully monitoring the situation.

More important for those who like to hog into pig meat, it emphasised that Pork is safe to eat
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In a vineyard until death us do part

March 16, 2009

Guess who’s been to Eketahuna in recent times? Journalist and former ACT MP Deborah Coddington (and she may have been accompanied by her barrister hubbie, Colin Carruthers, QC).

No, not to write something disparaging about the place, as too many smart-arsed journos are apt to do.

She (or they) came away with a couple of pigs a fortnight ago and – attesting to the inevitable fate of the beasts – have named them Bratwurst and Crackling.

Alf is sure they would have tried to track him down for a convivial pint or two, and to share gossip about who’s up to what in the capital, but imagines they failed to navigate their way through the streets to the Eketahuna Club.
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