When it comes to a close encounter of the litigious kind, our money is on Crusher

April 3, 2012

She likes to finish up on top...

...and a helmet like this will afford bugger all protection to whoever is underneath.

The mind boggles at a thought entrenched in a Herald headline.

The headline says –

Collins on collision course with Labour MPs

The story below starts:

ACC Minister Judith Collins remains on a collision course with Labour’s Trevor Mallard and Andrew Little over comments they made in relation to an email Ms Collins received from former National Party president Michelle Boag.

Yeah, we all know about the row, and about the defamation threat and what-have-you.

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Let’s ask those bloody reporters who pays when they get into trouble with the libel laws

April 8, 2010

Alf has a simple question for the political hacks now engaged in a feeding frenzy over MPs’ legal bills.

If they write something defamatory and are sued, who picks up the tab for the legal bills and damages?

If they reply that they personally won’t pay – their company will carry those costs – then they will have gone a long way to explaining why MPs don’t meet the costs of their own transgressions when they say something as MPs that incurs a defamation suit.

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Damn – our attempt to remove a legal muzzle has been rumbled

November 15, 2009

Alf gagged on his corn flakes and whisky this morning when he spotted criticism of plans to give MPs more protection against being sued if they make defamatory comments.

We’ve given ourselves so many other perks that it seems downright petty to try to say enough’s enough and that MPs should be bound by the same libel laws that bind everybody else in our society, including the likes of David Farrer, Whale Oil and Cactus Kate.

As things stand, we MPs enjoy a special privilege when speaking in Parliament that removes those shackles. We can’t get away with murder, but we don’t have to worry about irritating consequences like defamation suits if we drop a bit of bullshit into proceedings and subject some poor sod to a bit of hatred, ridicule or contempt.

Trouble is, we have this freedom to speak our minds – no matter how addled those minds might be – only during parliamentary proceedings.

Just think what Alf Grumble could say in these posts if he could pepper his prose with calumnies and lies or ignore court orders, immune from some pesky prick popping up to claim damages because he or she has been defamed.

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