Well done, Boss – we are now reassured that those brain fades haven’t become a chronic condition

December 12, 2014

Memory-Upgrade-cartoonAlf’s memory isn’t up to much nowadays but he does recall some of The Boss’s struggles with forgetfulness.

There was the time when John could not remember being told of the Government Communications Security Bureau’s surveillance of internet tycoon Kim Dotcom.

And then there was the time – as TV3 reported – when he heard that most voters in a new poll thought the drinking age should have been raised to 20, and he said he agreed with them.

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Sleeping pills may help you get some kip, but they also might hasten your dementia

September 28, 2012

Sleeping pills were bad for her health, too.

The Grumbles don’t have much use for sleeping pills.

Damned good thing, as it turns out.

It seems they significantly increase the risk of dementia.

The Daily Mail today draws attention to a Harvard University study.

It found pensioners who used benzodiazepines – which include temazepam and diazepam – are 50 per cent more likely to succumb to the devastating illness.

The researchers regard the side effects of the drugs as so harmful, potentially, that doctors should avoid prescribing them.

Alf, fair to say, has to look things up when they involve words with as many syllables as “benzodiazepines”.

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Remember to eat plenty of curry, folks – it could help stave off your dementia

February 16, 2012

Hot off the press – so it seems – comes the latest tip for staving off dementia.

Eat a curry once (or twice) a week.

Actually the advice is not as new as the latest burst of headlines suggests and Alf has been munching curries twice a week for …

How long?

Bugger. Can’t remember.

The latest report on the dementia-suppressing powers of a curry have been reported, among other media, by the UK’s Daily Mail.

It says scientists have found a spicy ingredient in curry could be an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Tests on fruit flies with a nervous disorder similar to the neurodegenerative illness found those given curcumin – the key chemical in turmeric used in everything from mild Kormas to the hottest Vindaloos – lived 75 per cent longer.

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So what does the pugnacious Winston Peters have in common with the skipper of the Graf Spee?

December 13, 2009

The Graf Spee...it was sunk not by the enemy but by its captain.

Finding no news of worth in the Sunday papers today, Alf picked up a copy of a speech by Winston Peters to browse through while breakfasting.

It was optimistically titled The Road Back and was delivered to the NZ First Tauranga Electorate.

The road back to where, exactly, was not stated.

And nope. Peters did not deliver the speech in a telephone booth. He hired the St Johns Church Hall, but Alf does not know how many members of the party faithful turned up for the occasion.

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Keep working and keep your marbles

May 18, 2009

Just what Alf needs. Research to put before Mrs Grumble to support his refusal to retire as Member for Eketahuna North.

A British study has found that later retirement ‘may stave off dementia’.

British scientists studied 1,320 people with dementia and looked at their past education, employment and retirement history.

Although there was no link with education or employment, the people who retired later developed dementia later.

It is thought the mental stimulation may help delay the effects of dementia or it may be that people who retire earlier do so for ill health which itself contributes to the development of dementia symptoms.

The study, published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, found on average with every extra year of employment the age of onset of Alzheimer’s Disease became 0.13 years later.

Rebecca Wood, Chief Executive of the Alzheimer’s Research Trust in Britain, which funded the study, said: “More people than ever retire later in life to avert financial hardship, but there may be a silver lining: lower dementia risk. Much more research into lifestyle factors is needed if we are to whittle down the £17 billion a year that dementia costs our economy.”

Must make sure Jim Anderton is put in the picture about these findings. There’s talk of his retiring – maybe this will cause a change of heart, although some ungenerous souls on the National side of the divide reckon he lost his marbles some time back.

As sharp as a somewhat blunted tack

March 16, 2009

Alf likes to think he’s still as sharp as a tack. But maybe the tack has been blunted somewhat.

The blunting probably began a few decades ago, he reluctantly concedes, because The Telegraph reports:

Researchers have found that peoples’ mental abilities peak at 22 before beginning to deteriorate just five years later.

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