A great idea for breaking the gangs – but finding the right location is the key

March 2, 2012

On the positive side, there's no Mongrel Mob or Black Power here...

... but (on the negative side) it's too easy to find a shag.

Alf had been inclined to think somewhat unkindly about Kim Workman, director of an outfit called Rethinking Crime and Punishment.

Too often Workman seemed too be promoting namby-pamby ideas about dealing with the criminal classes.

But maybe Alf misjudged him, because Workman has released a media statement headed –

Proposal To Relocate Gang Members Away From Communities

Great. Alf has a similar proposal.

Maybe we could work together.

Mind you, when you read Workman’s statement you will find he is focused on relocating gang members away from gangs, when they are let out of jail (which happens much too soon for most of the buggers).

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Getting jailbirds back on the straight and narrow is tough when their tutors lead them astray

January 18, 2012

Alf will be taking a hard look at this Whare Oranga Ake carry-on when he gets back to his parliamentary office in Wellington.

It sounds like a crock to him, after he checked out some basic information on the the Department of Corrections’ web-site and tried to reconcile it with an incident in Hawke’s Bay.

Under this programme, the department has two 16-bed Whare Oranga Ake reintegration units – at Hawke’s Bay Regional Prison and Spring Hill Corrections Facility – providing a kaupapa Maori environment for selected prisoners nearing the end of their sentence.

The programme and the day-to-day running of the Whare Oranga Ake are provided by skilled Maori community service providers, while security is provided by Prison Services.

At Whare Oranga Ake prisoners are supported to reconnect with their culture, identity and community.

Alf is especially interested in the bit about the skilled Maori community service providers.

Just what is or are their skill or skills?

And what exactly is their prowess when it comes to ensuring the prisoners do not re-offend?

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Why ban smoking in prisons? Recidivism could be reduced by reducing the life spans of jailbirds

May 31, 2011

And thanks to the carrot sticks, I don't really need the flashlight.

Alf sounds a serious caution about plans to feed more carrots to jailbirds to help wean them off the smoking habit.

His mum always told him that eating carrots would help him to see better in the dark.

Improving the night-time vision of criminals with an inclination to burglary and other nocturnal crimes does not seem to be conducive to crime reduction.

Your hard-working MP accordingly will be taking up the matter with Crusher Collins, our Minister of Corrections.

The news that prisoners are to be given more carrots comes from Stuff.

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Paula gets probation – but for how long?

April 2, 2009

Gotta hand it to Crusher Collins.

She probably spotted that Big Business was uncomfortable with the way Paula Rebstock ran the Commerce Commission. Rebstock made it tough for the buggers – so much so, it seems they leaned on their mates in the Government to have her put in her place.

And so she quit.

Tough goes down well with Crusher. Someone who can piss off Big Business is bound to be able to shake up a bunch of public servants.
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