Having fewer judges is more disgraceful than leaking a judge’s letter to Chris Finlayson

May 12, 2012

Our Attorney-General, Chris Finlayson, really does need to harden himself up for the rough-and-tumble of politics.

He sounded positively virginal when he chided his Labour counterpart, Charles Chauvel, for making public some correspondence from a judge.

“Disgraceful”, he thundered – or as near as he can get to thundering, which doesn’t get much above zero on a decibel measure.

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Small has just got bigger

April 1, 2009

Justice Minister Simon Power has introduced legislation that increases the maximum claim level of the small cases normally handled by the Disputes Tribunal.

The Disputes Tribunals Amendment Bill will lift the maximum claim level of the Disputes Tribunal from $7500 to $15,000, or with the consent of both parties, from $12,000 to $20,000.

According to the Minister’s media statement:

“The bill will allow parties to resolve their disputes in a more cost-effective manner,” says Mr Power.

“It will improve access to the tribunal for small businesses and individuals, and will reduce the costs associated with resolving disputes.”

The increase is one of several initiatives announced by the Government in February to help small businesses through the economic downturn.

If Power’s estimates work out correctly, the bill will allow up to an additional 3,600 cases to be heard in the tribunal annually and diverted from over-worked district courts.

Power will ask the Justice and Electoral Committee to pull finger in considering the bill, to allow the new maximum claim level to be implemented quickly.