A fuss about fund-raising, refunds and face-slapping – oh, and John Key come into the frame, too

February 22, 2015

Alf was drawn to a Sunday newspaper beatup today¬†about a National MP receiving $25,000 from a controversial businessman after The Boss had a private dinner with him at the man’s home.

The donation will be be confirmed – readers are told – when electoral returns are published next week.

Before going beyond the first paragraph the long-serving Member for Eketahuna North was braced for phone calls from constituents demanding to know if he was the MP in question, and who in the neighbourhood was dishing out $25,000 donations.

But it quickly became clear no such calls were likely.

The donation in question harks back to the fuss about a Chinese gentleman by name of Donghua Liu.

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Oh joy – it seems Clark Gargle could be cheaper than we thought (if there is any demand for it at all)

June 25, 2014

Alf feels obliged – in the name of fair play – to record that businessman Donghua Liu has issued a new statement to the Herald about his contributions to the Labour Party.

Whether this means the record has been put straight can not be guaranteed, because a story that can be changed once can readily be changed again.

But for now, it is reasonable to say Liu might not have been as generous to the Lefties as it seemed a few days ago.

This will bring some relief to Lefties and a great deal of satisfaction to Alf, who could not imagine a shrewd businessman wanting to give the proverbial brass razoo to the Lefties.

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A foggy memory about money serves oldies well – here’s hoping Banksie doesn’t get his back too soon

April 30, 2012

With his leadership a matter of media speculation, Labour’s David Shearer must have relished an opportunity to go on the front foot and lash out at a bloke whose position as ACT leader is impeccably secure: John Banks.

Banksie – we can be sure – sleeps soundly at nights, confident in the knowledge his caucus is 100 per cent with him and no other ACT MP is likely to stab him in the back, wallop him on the head with a bound volume of Hansard, or do any of the other things that results in a leader’s replacement.

Not so with Shearer. who seems to have difficulties managing his office, let alone a caucus or – God forbid – the country.

So it’s a bit rich for Shearer to be calling for Banksie to be stood down from the Cabinet over the trivial matter of a bit of some unexplained money.

It’s good to see The Boss treating Shearer with a bit of well-deserved contempt.

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