A blockage in the Auckland Council’s email flow? Nah – it’s called case management

March 1, 2013

We’ve just got to to put this delicious item on our list of “daft things that local authorities do”.

In Auckland, there’s a fuss over claims that the council chief executive and senior staff have been intercepting citizens’ email messages to their elected representatives.

The matter is to be investigated.

But who will conduct the investigation?

Answer: the very people who are accused of blocking the emails.

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Some things – like putting $3.4 million in a Super City Maori trough – can’t wait for debate

February 9, 2011

Apathetic Kiwis are curiously oblivious to the way the Treaty of Waitangi is being invoked to debase the democracy their forefathers fought to defend in two world wars.

A few months ago, they made bugger all fuss on learning that fewer than two dozen people will select members for the Super City’s Maori Statutory Board.

An iwi selection group made up of 19 tribally-drawn members was set up to go through nominations for seven “mana whenua” or iwi representatives and two others known as “mataawaka”members.

Mana whenua representatives were being split between Ngati Manuhiri, Marutuahu, Waiohua and Ngati Whatua.

Full credit to political commentator Matt McCarten for being among those who expressed outrage.

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