Possums don’t ply themselves with booze to demonstrate how gravity works

May 3, 2012

Are possums higher up the order than me?

Boozing buffoons down south are giving a splendid demonstration of why the drinking age should be raised to 24 or higher because – until then – they are unfit to be regarded as adults.

They are also giving possums a bad name.

Alf’s attention has been drawn to their antics by the NZ Herald, which reports them here.

We learn of concerns being expressed by staff at Dunedin’s Botanic Garden about the growing popularity of a drinking game called “possum”.

Alf’s hackles rise whenever he hears of people playing drinking games, because he takes his drinking seriously.

The Good Lord did not give us booze to be used as a plaything. He gave us booze to foster conviviality and bonhomie, and (when Jesus turned water into wine) to wash down the fish at lunch.
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