Ha ! The republicans have been poll-axed by Kiwis charmed by the royals

April 20, 2014

Gotta say it has been mighty cheering to read that the royal visit “appears to have rekindled interest in the British monarchy”, with almost three quarters of respondents in a Waikato Times poll in favour of retaining the Queen as head of state.

The results have been rubbished by some tosser described as a leading republican, who says Will and Kate’s celebrity status should not be confused with genuine interest in constitutional change.

But a bloody republican would say that, wouldn’t he? Or she?

Alf never doubted it for a moment, but for the record:

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If the royals had turned up at the right time, of course, we would have fed them on moa

April 8, 2014
"And what do you wear, sir, when you are not welcoming members of the Royal Family?"

“And what do you wear, sir, when you are not welcoming members of the Royal Family?”

It seems the British media were duped into reporting that Prince William and his missus would be feasting on protected wood pigeon and that “topless female Maori dancers” had been told to cover up for the royal tour.

According to one report (here), the hoaxer is a former Waikato University student, a bloke who represented himself to the British press as a Maori expert.

The name of this tosser special citizen from Down Under is Tredegar Hall, a recipient of a prestigious Maori scholarship at the university in 2010.

He is reported as saying topless female performers were ordered to cover up for the big occasion so they would not embarrass the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Male dancers would also break with “ancient traditions”.

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