Yep, the Easter shopping laws are daft but the law is the law and breaking it should not be sanctioned

April 6, 2015

The contempt some business people show for the laws of the land gets bigger every Easter.

The deal seems to be that if you are a corporate law-breaker the authorities will turn a blind eye but if you are some other sort of crim, then you should be caught and (if Alf is sitting on the bench) flung into jail for a long time.

It’s bollocks and makes it hard for Alf to press for all law-breakers to be rounded up and punished.

But that, sadly, is the way things have turned out.

According to this report at Stuff:

Supermarkets which opened in contravention of Easter trading laws did a good trade as shopper numbers in Marlborough swelled thanks to the Omaka Classic Fighters Airshow.

This is a bit like saying shoplifters who stole goods in contravention of the laws on theft did nicely, thank you, from their stealing of groceries at the weekend.

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