Bugger the Bill of Rights – Tolley has got to empower school heads to flush out drugs and weapons

May 22, 2010

So who runs our bloody schools these days?

Oh, yes. The kids.

Alf’s perturbation at the extent to which the brats have taken over is reinforced by a report in the Dom-Post this morning.

The Education Ministry is advising principals of the ludicrous prospect of pupils taking schools to court if they are searched for weapons or drugs.

The privacy commissioner plays a role in this story (surprise, surprise). She is saying pupils should not be searched unless consent has been given.

Alf was astonished to learn this post was not abolished during the Government’s assault on wasteful public expenditure.

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The cane mutiny – bring back corporal punishment to our classrooms (and let’s not forget about tasers)

March 8, 2010

Dunno when we were gulled into abandoning corporal punishment in schools but we are now reaping the whirlwind.

The perverse but predictable consequence of sparing the rod is much worse than simply spoiling the brats. It’s that the little buggers are expressing their delight at being mollycoddled by bashing their teachers.

The Dom-Post gives us an idea of the mayhem in our schools in a grim report today.

Hundreds of teachers have received ACC-funded treatment after being assaulted at school.

Principals are shocked by the figure and are demanding immediate action to make schools safer.

Some school staff now fear breaking up fights in case pupils have weapons, and others refuse to do lunchtime duty alone.

A teacher injured during a school attack says that staff will always be at risk from “nutters”.

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School closing plans are given a fail mark

August 24, 2009

Alf encountered a great number of delighted constituents at the weekend, many of them almost revelling.

Their rejoicing was prompted by news of the Education Ministry’s community education reviews facing the prospect of an overhaul after the process collapsed in Tararua.

Just as Alf was hoping a few weeks back, the school reviews went sour in the Tararua district because the community did not support the recommendations.

The process has ended in tears, with seven members of a community-appointed working group withdrawing their school closures plan and quitting last week – the first test (an obvious failure) of the ministry’s new process.
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How to bush-whack school closures

August 10, 2009

Great news for the people of the Tararuas, thanks no doubt to Alf’s fierce lobbying and a general outcry of protest.

Eight rural schools in the Tararua district pegged for closure will remain open as long as the community wants them, Education Minister Anne Tolley says.

The schools were recommended for closure as part of a review of rural education initiated by the Education Ministry.

The news sent shockwaves through the district, leading to protests last week.
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