Bugger worrying about the eel being devastated – think about the devastation to our special people

August 31, 2013

Dunno why Ngai Tahu aren’t out protecting their own patch. Maybe they are too busy counting their money.

So it was left to some feller of the Ngati Porou persuasion to holler about the latest outrage the bloody colonialists are about to inflict on the country’s special indigenous people.

This feller happens to have emigrated from his own neck of the woods and set up shop as a West Coast commercial eeler.

It will be interesting to know if he retains his special status as an indigenous person, having uplifted himself and moved into the domain of Ngai Tahu.

This would make him a more recent immigrant than all the Pakeha and other non-Maori whose ancestors arrived there some 200 years or so back.

But that is to digress.

He is kicking up a fuss about plans to split the South Island eel quota into shortfin and longfin, saying it will be devastating to Maori.

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