He’s a Kiwi for now – but if he behaves like Russell Crowe will we want to keep him?

August 12, 2010

Alf has always been fascinated by the way our news media will turn anyone into a Kiwi, if there is the slightest evidence they breathed the air for a while Down Under.

In the latest case, the poor bugger for a while was obliged to breath the smoggy air of Christchurch, something that is bound to have dire consequences for his health in the longer term and to adversely affect his behaviour. .

And so today we find a headline that reads Kiwi actor fights for life in US hospital.

Actually, he is just 14 years old and hence is still a sprat.

And as it turns out, having survived the ordeal of being raised in Christchurch, he is struggling for life in the USA:

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