The trouble with budgets is that the Opposition can’t see what’s good for us

May 16, 2013

Dunno why the wretched Opposition doesn’t pack up and go home.

If they did that, then Alf could pack up and go home too.

As it is, Parliament has moved into urgency to debate legislation introduced to enact changes announced in the Budget this afternoon.

Here’s how Radio New Zealand explained things for those who weren’t glued to their TV sets watching the proceedings.

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Why join the Pelican Club for an escort when you can get one from your second-hand car dealer?

January 3, 2010

So what would we do with over 100 ladies at the Eketahuna Club?

We sometimes express our bemusement at the services available in big cities and the demand for them, down here at the Eketahuna Club.

Take for example the goings-on at Auckland’s Pelican Club.

Unlike the Eketahuna Club, the Pelican Club boasts a website which brays about some eyebrow-raising attractions, such as meeting the sexiest women in Auckland.

It seems to place more emphasis on massage and escorts than on liquor, which Alf regards as highly discouraging.

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Bring it on – a harder ACC regime

October 18, 2009

It’s hardly a secret when a hack in the Parliamentary Press gallery can share it with us. But the Sunday Times Star gurgles today about a Secret ACC plan to charge all victims $100.

The Sunday Star-Times has obtained a shopping list of Accident Compensation Corporation proposals to pare back compensation entitlements as it deals with a $4.8 billion blowout.

The list justifies the worst fears of compensation recipients, particularly those who have been on the scheme long-term. While ACC Minister Nick Smith insists that the government will never dismantle the no-fault public-owned insurance scheme, the proposals obtained by the Star-Times suggest otherwise.

Among the proposals on the list –
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