Our Gerry-built power future

February 24, 2009

Gerry Brownlee – splendid fellow – is earning his keep as Energy and Resources Minister by thinking long and hard about his portfolio, and about our increasingly tatty electricity network.

He is resisting the urge to draw hasty conclusions, but he’s smart enough to be thinking about finding someone else to help him think.

And so – says a media statement today – he’s considering a Ministerial Working Party to reshape the regulatory functions of the electricity industry.

About time. Personally, Alf wouldn’t have buggered around and would have pulled the plug on the Electricity Commission by now.

But back to Brownlee, who made his announcement in a speech to the national power conference in Auckland.

Fair to say, the power stayed on for long enough for him to read the speech from start to finish. Read the rest of this entry »