If the railway platform is too short, the remedy is obvious – you simply send in shorter trains

July 8, 2010

Alf has often wondered whatever happened to the blokes who built this…

And this…

He is wondering no longer. He reckons the buggers probably came to Auckland to build railway platforms.

Alf’s hunch is based on news that Auckland rail officials have been accused of “incompetence on a grand scale” for building a railway platform too short for the trains it will serve.

Auckland Regional Council chairman Mike Lee is furious with the Auckland Regional Transport Authority (Arta), after discovering a 55-metre platform being built for the long-awaited Onehunga station will be at least 15m too short for three-car electric units due in service from mid-2013.

“They’ve gone ahead and built this without future-proofing for electrification. The people of Onehunga have been short-changed.

“They haven’t even present-proofed it – it’s just sheer incompetence.

“Why should Onehunga of all the stations of Auckland be made into a Lilliput station?”

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Out with the old tax, in with the new

March 16, 2009

Higher fuel taxes are to be heaped on the good people of Eketahuna to help make life easier for Aucklanders.

An extra burden of 3 cents per litre in fuel excise duty kicks in from 1 October and another 3 cent per litre increase from 1 October next year.

This will hit rural people harder than city folk, because too many have big distances to drive just to find a petrol pump, let alone to do business, and are reliant on road to freight their stock and so on.
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