Farmers are exalted by a creature that (just as Labour voters do) thrives on crap

February 4, 2011

It was dropped by a horse - or by Labour Party spin doctors, maybe - and the dung beetles will relish every mouthful.

A funny bunch, Federated Farmers. They have issued a media statement to tell us they are celebrating – would you believe? – the Environmental Risk Management Authority’s approval for the importation and release of eleven dung beetle species.

Alf is happy to celebrate on most occasions, especially when the celebrating is being done with champagne, but he bridles at celebrating the importation of a creature that consumes crap.

For starters, because the wee buggers thrive on shite they will probably vote Labour, or – even more fetid and hence more nourishing for a dung beetle – the Greens.

But the feds are over the moon, saying they believe they will make a great contribution to agriculture’s environmental performance.

“It’s a very good day because ERMA’s process has been thorough, rigorous and sound,” says John Hartnell, Federated Farmers biosecurity spokesperson.

“Dung beetles provide an environmental and agriculture win-win by breaking down ruminant dung while building the organic structure of soil.

“One of the major benefits of dung beetles is their ability to reduce farm related environmental degradation.

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Bioethics Council bids us bye-bye

March 17, 2009

The Bioethics Council closed its doors yesterday without much more than a murmur or two of disquiet from the public.

Announcing it had been disestablished, the council tried to emphasise its importance by saying that since its inception in 2002, it had issued “major reports” on Pre-Birth Testing, Animal-to-Human Transplantation, and the Use of Human Genes in Other Organisms.
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