Here’s hoping Jackie doesn’t get into a silly fuss about the dearth of sheilas on the rugby board

April 16, 2013

Gotta say it’s damned disappointing to see Jackie Blue – splendid lady – taking up what looks like a hand-wringingly dreary job as Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner.

Justice Minister Judith Collins announced the appointment (here) today.

Trouble is, Jackie’s appointment requires her resignation as an MP. She will take up her new job on 4 June.

This opens absolutely new opportunity for Alf’s promotion, as the appointment of Tim Groser to head the World Trade Organisation would do.

Second, if we had no Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner, we could save a bundle of money without in any way harming our society.

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Sheilas and rugby governance: Fergie McCormick will find himself offside with red-blooded blokes

November 25, 2012

Dunno what sort of company Fergie McCormick is keeping nowadays.

Alf fondly remembers him as a rugged sort of bloke’s bloke as well as a splendid All Black full-back.

But the bugger has put himself in the news today by joining something called “a heavyweight group” that wants the New Zealand Rugby Union “to change its archaic male-dominated structure” and …

Alf choked on his bacon and eggs when he read it!

And put a woman on its board.

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Two professors offer statistical succour for Alasdair Thompson but Dr Judy remains sceptical

July 2, 2011

Alf will be making another pitch to his Cabinet colleagues to save good public money by dispensing of the services of a few more civil servants.

The jobs he has in mind are those at the Human Rights Commission and, more partiuclarly, the job of the Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner.

This post with a grand title is held by one Judy McGregor, a former newspaper hack who somewhere down the track became a professor.

On the Human Rights Commission website she is introduced as Dr Judy McGregor, PhD, PGDip, LLB, BA, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner; she is jointly designated as the Disability Rights Commissioner.

She is a former Massey University professor, trained lawyer and has a doctorate in political communication.

This implies she takes a very scholastic approach to issues within her domain.

But is she dispassionate and open-minded?

Today we find she is casting doubts on some research done by two other professors, although she seems to be unaware of their work and has not yet read it.

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Ha – the sheilas at last are admitting they would be happier if they stayed at home

April 5, 2011

Chances are they are angry, irritable and impatient.

Dunno what the bleating about gender equality is all about.

How do we measure it, exactly? And if we can’t unambiguously do that – as Alf suspects – how do we know we haven’t achieved it yet?

One thing is for sure. So long as we can’t be sure it has been achieved, we will be paying nice salaries to people who have been hired to demand the closing of this awfully vague thing called the gender gap. Now how potty is that, eh?

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But if women are given seats at the board table, who will keep the table polished?

November 13, 2010

How to build your female numbers and get a better ethnicity balance with just one board appointment.

Dunno about you, dear constituent, but Alf feels not one whit of embarrassment about the continuing dearth of women on the boards of New Zealand’s top companies. Nor is he alarmed, dismayed or perplexed.

If the people who run our companies have opted not to have too many women directors, it’s obviously because that’s the smart thing to do.

In Alf’s experience women make a great cup of tea and are dab hands at cleaning the office at the end of the day.

But a Government-appointed official with a grand-sounding title wants more of them – lots more – sitting around the board table rather than keeping it nicely polished, which is where there skills reside.

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Here’s to well-heeled women

February 2, 2009

For years Alf’s blood pressure has been raised whenever he hears of the latest antics of equal-rights champions and the busy-body bleatings of bureaucrats charged with ensuring bosses treat women staff like blokes.

Where will it end? Urinals in the ladies’ bog?

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