If you pay peanuts you might get monkeys – but what if one monkey is better paid than another?

October 14, 2012

Alf has never been happy knowing that many MPs do much less work than he does for the same weekly pay and expenses.

This has him supporting the idea we should be paid for what we do, and if we do more than some other MPs, then we should be rewarded accordingly.

With the right incentive, he would arrange to meet many more constituents and discuss their problems down at the Eketahuna Club.

In line with this, he supports good teachers being paid more than bad teachers.

This doesn’t necessarily mean he believes in equal pay for equal work, because a quality thing comes into considerations.

It’s more a matter of his thinking he deserves more pay than others.

But he is having second thoughts about the principle of equal pay for equal work after having his attention drawn to the video above.

The video is presented by the legendary primatologist, Frans de Waal.

It shows what happens when two capuchin monkeys are given unequal pay for equal work.

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